Friday, 24 May 2013

Goodbye Newman

 *Sigh*  I hate saying Goodbye.  That's such a silly thing to say, isn't it?  I mean, does anyone ever love to say Goodbye?  I mean sure, there have been people we've been quite glad to see go, but the actual process is still awkward and uncomfortable - for me, anyway.

And this doesn't just apply to people.  I always find it difficult to let go when it comes to my creations.  Maybe that's because I tend to create things that I like, things that I would be delighted to keep hanging around my house, sitting on my shelves, so I can point at them and say:  "I remember you.  You're awesome.".  Okay, I'm also a bit of a hoarder, and I would LOVE to have a house filled with all kinds of funky, weird things.  Kind of like this:
My husband, on the other hand, imagines our house to be more like this:
How we ever came together and survived, I'll never know (shows you what true love can accomplish!)

The point is, I have a hard time getting rid of my stuff, so the other day, when I got a notification from Etsy that my doll, Newman, had sold, I experienced a twang of sadness.  Of course, I always get excited when something sells, mostly because I'm so happy that someone else likes something that I create enough to want to purchase it.  Plus it justifies my weirdness.  But I do feel a bit verklempt.

But as you know, every cloud has a silver lining (and a puffy, chewy, marshmallow core) and when I opened up the Etsy receipt, I realized who had loved Newman so much as to give him a cozy new home.  It was a very dear old friend of mine.  My best friend from growing up, in fact!  I had moved around quite a bit and we had lost touch over the years.  Truth is, I had not seen or spoken to her in about 12 years!  She had included a lovely note to me, telling me she was happy to see I was doing something that I enjoyed and made me happy.  I just about fell out of my chair, and it may be silly, but the tears started to flow.  I was overjoyed and overwhelmed that this person had found me and reestablished contact.  Since then, we've gotten back in touch, caught up a bit with what's been going on in our lives (Holy Crap does a lot ever happen over the span of a decade!), and plan to meet up the next time I'm in town, which should be very soon.  I'm so excited!

So not all goodbyes are bad.  As I carefully packaged Newman up, I explained to him that he was going to the lovely  home of someone I treasure and I was sure she would take the best care of him (and maybe even let him eat Nutter Butters late at night).

Hopefully this post will encourage you to reach out to someone you may have lost touch with.  You never know what's been going on in their lives and how wonderful it will make them feel to know that you cared enough to seek them out.  Have a great Friday!

...and goodbye Newman :)

Stay tuned.


  1. Sniff! (shoves edge of paper towel into corner of right eye to staunch the flow of tears - can't see to find the Kleenex box! Boy it's dusty in here!) I'm glad you reconnected with your special childhood friend. I'm sure you'll have wonderful times together ahead of you.
    Newman is going to a good home and you'll be able to visit and spend quality time with him in the future.
    In the meantime, you need to continue working on the interior of your home, decorating with more of your beautiful creations. By the way, I don't see a guy with an Elvis plaque having a leg to stand on when asserting his "taste" as leaning toward the "Architectural Home" style. Laugh out loud and leave the room giggling and snorting. That should make him wonder!

  2. LOL!! That's true! And the beaver lamp...let's not forget that. I think he feels as long as it's confined to his "space" and not the rest of the house, it's okay. I guess I just need to claim my "space"!

  3. Why is it that when I read your blog title I pictured Seinfeld saying "Hello N....ewman" lol

    I am sure he is going to be very happy with you know who...Max isn't around anymore to take liberties with him!

    And I agree with Vickie...can't see the hubby having a leg to stand on in the decorating department!

  4. What a view from that nice place!