Sunday, 4 August 2013

Inspired by Nature

Wrapped in Nature's Embrace
Okay.  I'll admit, I've got a bit of a weird, kooky side to me that delights in things edgy and a little "out there".  I also, however, have a soft spot for the beauty found in nature, especially woodland life.  Growing up, we used to spend some time at a cottage up north and one of my absolute favourite things to do was to simply walk in the woods and examine all the wonderful and interesting things growing, living, and moving in there.  I loved the quiet that was only disturbed by the occasional call of a bird, chirp of a cricket or song of the wind traveling through a variety of trees and other flora.  One of the loveliest trees, in my opinion, was always the birch trees.  I loved how their satiny, white bark would peel off in gorgeous curls, and I adored the patterns created by the sooty, dark slashes that would form vertically up the trunk and branches.  It's this love of the birch trees that has inspired some of my favourite jewelry pieces.  Here are a few pics, hope you enjoy!

Nature's Wonder Wearable Whimsy
Birch Branch Necklace with Bracket Mushrooms

Stay tuned!

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